ArteStudio Ginestrelle, Assisi, Italia, 2014

Intending to paint about St. Francesco of Assisi was first in my proposal to the Artestudio Ginestrella. Though Inaccuratley attributed, the prayer 
of St. Francesco embodies keys to my own character defects, offering solutions and raising my conscious awareness of my relationship to my fellow man.

In my research my curiosity was piqued by the formation of the city, visits to the Fortezza and the Roman Tribunal beneath the square led me 
to explore the idea of the sacred feminine through the remnants of Minerva. Having witnessed resulting attempts at iconoclasm in other places, 
(in Nicosia Cypress a gothic Catholic cathedral had been redressed as a Muslim place of worship, and in Firenze, the Baptistry of 
Santa Maria del Fiore was once a pagan temple) I was curious about the persistence of faith, memory, and ultimately our relationship to this 
much higher idea found in God. 

I made many paintings and drawings. I citied the clever, the drama, the ego. Each with a seed of truth. "The Eye of my Son as the rose Window of 
St. Francesco" came out of these attempts, and personalized the public. My narrative becomes our narrative, and vice versa.

Almost two full weeks passed before the inspiration visited me. I sat with St. Francesco at his tomb. I watched the monks, devoted, walking 
through the city. A rope, tied at the waist with three knots, is not only functional, but also a reminder of their vows. 

"This is my Rope"

I offer this drawing as a reminder. I have my vows, my code. I fall short. The knots emulate the technique used by the monks encircling me. 
A deeper understanding of my place here has been offered. A cord surrounds me, I begin and end my walk in the woods with St. Francesco.